Two Sisters Santas

The home of traditional hand-crafted European-style Santa figures. 

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We are two sisters who have loved Christmas since we were tiny girls growing up in British Columbia, Canada. When we got the opportunity to purchase a collection of molds from antique St. Nicholas (Santa) figures, we took early retirement from our careers and jumped into business. Ultimately, we decided to combine our households, buy a home on a lake in Haliburton County, Ontario, adopt two golden retrievers and rescue two cats. It’s a busy and happy household! We participate in the prestigious Haliburton County Studio Tour each Fall. We have become active and enthusiastic members of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past, the world’s largest organization for Christmas Collectors. 
We produce Santa candy containers, Belsnickles, Nodders and Krampus figures in the traditional manner developed in Germany in the last two centuries. Our figures are completely created by hand, in our studio. Working as a team, Anne pours all the papier mâché, cleans it and preps it for finishing. Together we build the figures and the candy containers that go inside. Lynn does the painting and the sewing, then together we age each one to give it just the right patina to fit seamlessly into a collection of vintage and antique Christmas figures.

Travelling to Europe several times a year offers us the opportunity to visit and study in the Christmas Museums and shop the Christmas and flea markets to find vintage textiles and accessories for our Santas.

Our work can be found in museums and galleries in Germany, Switzerland and France. © Lynn Murray 2016